Blog Challenge – School

In 2022, school life looks very different around the world. This task involves you telling your readers a bit about your school or experience with remote learning. You could include text, images, a slideshow, a video, or even an audio recording.

📌 Remember, it’s important to think carefully about what information we publish online.

Your post might include details like:

  • How do you get to school?
  • What is your timetable like? Do you have set subjects at certain times?
  • Do you have one teacher or many?
  • What time do you begin and end school?
  • Do you get to choose what you learn?
  • What technology do you have at school?
  • What is the history of your school?
  • What activities are popular during break times?
  • How would you describe your school grounds?

💡 Here are some examples from former Student Blogging Challenge participants:

  • Kalani wrote a great description of her school day.
  • Joel made a Google Slides presentation comparing the normal and “lockdown” school day.
  • Farrah asked her parents about how school has changed.
  • Van Anh explained how to play a traditional Vietnamese game (it includes an awesome image created in PowerPoint).
  • Ben wrote a post about break times at his school.

You can present your thinking however you like – but we want you to share information about school life in a creative way!

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