Online Learning – Journal

In South Australia, we are incredibly lucky that covid restrictions haven’t impacted our lives as much as neighboring states.

Across Australia, schools have been forced to work remotely like we will be for longer periods of time.

During this, one successful activity that many schools and students have been doing is keeping a journal. The beauty of this is that it can be done in any way that you want. You could take photos, upload a video (that doesn’t feature your face) write about what you have done and so much more. We are going to aim to make a post daily throughout this experience, explaining to your audience what you have done and how you are staying positive.

Your task is to write (or draw, or film) your first journal entry as part of our journey through online school. You will need to tell your audience where you are from.  what you have been up to and what school looks like for you now you are at home. Further instructions will be given by Mr Jackson in your lesson on Thursday.

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