SBC Week 2- modified version

You will still need to follow this link to get more details and examples and also to fill out the Google form.  

Have a look at the link to Steph’s blog below.

STUBC Week 2 Quality Comments

Some notable posts 

Trophy image -- great workWith so many amazing posts and pages written during the last two weeks, it was hard to choose just a handful to showcase.

Let’s take a look at just some of the great work we spotted last week:

  • Steph from Australia has used an interesting tool called Tellegami to introduce herself (also check out her fun sidebar widgets!).
  • Aleks from 4th Grade Gifted Wednesday presented his avatar information nicely.
  • Serge Galligani shared an interesting video of their deserted school in France.
  • Mrs Yollis’ class in Los Angeles, is a long time Student Blogging Challenge participant. Check out the excellent work of some of her newest bloggers, Yogi and Banana,  Lucky Ducky, and Chasing Cheetah (all these students use pen names).
  • Nikija is an English language learner from Latvia. She enjoys ice skating.
  • Scotty from Mrs. Caudill’s class in Ohio is a returning Student Blogging Challenge participant and he has made a terrific new avatar.

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