Remote Learning Blog Challenge Week 10

This week we are going to explore what others are doing on their blogs.

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  1. Make sure you have completed your Week 1 SBC so others are able to give you their feedback
  2. Make sure you have given the 6 girls from the 2 other classes in Year 6 appropriate and meaningful feedback.
  3. Check your own feedback that you have received from others in Year 6, make sure you have approved all of your comments in your Dashboard.
  4. Go to this list of students competing in the SBC and think about which blogs you would like to visit. Remember you are not allowed to visit blogs made by students who are over 13 years old. 
  5. Choose 3 different blogs to visit and explore in detail. Read all of their posts and look at the different designs of their blog. You might want to make some changes to your blog. It’s important to make sure people are still able to leave comments on your blog when you make changes. How will you check this?
  6. Comment or leave feedback on something on each of their blogs. Make sure you introduce yourself and leave the URL to your blog so they can come and visit you.
  7. Remember you are representing your school. Proof read and edit everything and remember the importance of making useful, relevant, well thought about comments!
  8. Now………Create a post on your blog about your experience visiting other blogs.

    Did it inspire you?

    Did you see any cool designs or posts and what were they?

    Were you surprised by anything and WMYST?

    Include the links to any blogs you think are worthy of others visiting and why you chose them.ย 

One thought on “Remote Learning Blog Challenge Week 10

  1. It inspired me to give back some feedback to others by giving them what they did right or what they need to improve on. I was surprised by all the good post people have posted on the blog. Isabella P.

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