100 Word Writing Challenge Week 4

This week we are going to focus on both introductions and openers.

You all know what an introduction is.

However, you might be wondering, what is an opener?

An opener is the first word or phrase used in a sentence. There are many different ways to open sentences.

We will use an acronym to help us remember how to use a variety of sentence starters.


Ing     Simile     Adverb     Connective     Ed

Here are some examples using each of the different openers.

Driving home that afternoon, Mary decided she had to migrate to Australia.

Unique like  New York, Bluey the cat is one of a kind. (Thanks Livia for the simile )

Sadly, we had to leave most of our treasured possessions behind, as we ran and escaped into the night.

Meanwhile, my grandparents were making plans to join us the following year.

Excited by our plans for a new life, we boarded the boat for the long 3-month journey which lay ahead.

Your writing challenge this week is to:

1. Write another introduction, this time for a biography about a teacher you had in Kindergarten or Reception/Year 1.
Remember it is only an introduction. Don’t tell too much about the person, just enough to entice your reader to want to know more.

2. Begin each sentence with a different opener, using the acronym above. ISACE.
Please don’t use the same openers we have used in the example. Be original.
Remember an adverb is a word that describes or modifies a verb, an adjective or another adverb.

Grammar Monster gives some good examples.
Remember to use your list of connectives in your Literacy books.

Learn how to touch type

Beginning in Week 5 we will be offering 2 mornings each week, for girls to develop their typing skills. We will be using an online typing tutor, which is yet to be decided.

Would you please reply to this post no later than Wednesday Week 4, indicating your interest as well as the mornings which will best work for you.

We will then choose the 2 mornings when the most people are available.


100 word Writing Challenge- Week 3

Writing a biography begins after you have researched your subject (in your case an interview) and put together the information you will share with your readers.

An engaging introduction, your first paragraph, not only introduces readers to your subject but also provides a glimpse into the biography as a whole. Remember to be concise, accurate and interesting in your introduction in order to capture your reader’s attention.

In this 100 word challenge, you will be introducing your pet. If you don’t have a pet you can invent one or introduce a friend or relatives pet.

Hopp 2a


Jackie is not your everyday pet. Her short life is full of inspiration and joy. When David and Mary adopted Jacke from the Animal Welfare League 3 years ago, they could not have been prepared for the happiness she would bring to those living in the small community of Hopeville. Who would have imagined that such a small, dependent creature, would grow into such a loyal and exuberant member of their small family? Jackie became part of the Smith family in September 2015, one week after Mary had decided they would look for a rescue dog. The children just didn’t imagine their parents would find one as perfect as Jackie, so quickly!

(109 words)

Creative Commons License Maja Dumat via Compfight


100 Word Challenge Term 2 – Biography Introduction

Your challenge this week is to write an introduction to a biography about a celebrity of your choice.

Remember, a biography is an informative text that is factual, but also needs to grab the attention of your reader.

Your opening paragraph may include things such as:

  • Their date of birth.
  • What they are best known for.
  • Their city and country of birth.

Option 2- Dr. Seuss: What If Another Creator Created A Creation?

Image by Adam Watson

Thanks to Byrdseed for this idea.

This drawing is by Adam Watson found on Byrdseed. It’s a character from Star Wars, remade in the style of Dr. Seuss.

Can you recreate a text written by one author as if it were created by another author?

You will need to examine stories from the point of view of a creator. It will get you thinking about what makes authors unique, and how you can utilize those traits in your own writing.

Dr. Seuss is a great example to get started because his style is so vibrant and easy to define. Can you identify the qualities that make Dr. Seuss’ works so unique?

  • Nonsense words.
  • Simple Rhymes
  • Repetition.
  • Simple words.
  • Sketchy drawings.

You are probably very familiar with? PokemonThe Hunger GamesToy Story?

Creator’s Trait Specific Example I Created
Simple Rhymes Katniss has an arrow / And she has a bow / She’ll shoot a hair / off the tip of your nose
Repetition and Nonsense She has a bow / A big brongy bow / She’ll shoot a tarose / off the tip of your toe.

Can you introduce a character from a text you know, in the style of Dr Seuss?

Due date: Friday Week 10

Option 1- 200 word challenge – Tightening Tension

unsplash-logoCam DiCecca
Here are your instructions for the next exciting 200-word challenge: This week your writing is going give you some practice creating tension in your story.

Imagine this: The reader must believe the hero (male or female) will fail. The tornado is too strong, the villain is too evil, the dark forces are too overwhelming. Yet, somehow through a turn of events, through strength, talent and determination, somehow your main character wins.

Make every single word count, not just the amount of words but the quality of your word choices!

Carefully proof read and edit your writing before you post.

We must see evidence of your use of the thesaurus. Colour code any words you uncover in the thesaurus.

Good luck girls.

Due date: Friday Week 10

Downloading music to your blog

A few people have asked about downloading music to your blog so we thought we would make our own post about it.

Remember the same rules apply to downloading and using music as for photos and videos.

Here is a link to the website used for the music we have downloaded to this post, called Jewelbeat. It has loads of free music and asks that:

“…you only need to link to our website from yours:
“Music by JewelBeat. Download your free music and free sound effects at www.jewelbeat.com.” which we have done above.

There are also instructions how to download. MAC: Hold down Control key and click, choose “Download Linked File As…”, choose destination to save file.

There are also links underneath the videos that allow you to download. Once you have downloaded your music you will see a control bar like this one.

Click the download arrow and save as you would do with an image. Then insert to your blog as Media.  You can add it as we have below, to play using the controls. Here is a great tutorial on how to embed audio into your blog.
Comment on this post if you have any more ideas 🙂

Words to describe how the author affects the reader:

Thanks to Alison Roberts for these ideas.

moves, intrigues, excites, provokes, challenges, disappoints, betrays, helps, prepares, vindicates, engages, confronts, amuses, interests, puzzles, shocks, frustrates, stirs, alienates, disturbs, rewards, angers, lures, captivates, comforts, admonishes, warns, unsettles, positions, undermines, primes, manipulates, satisfies.

Words to describe what the author is doing in relation to ideas:

Thanks to Alison Roberts for these ideas..and also thanks to Zara Emery for suggesting ‘relates’. All suggestions welcome 🙂

relates, examines, explores, states, portrays, illustrates, observes, considers, depicts, represents, presents, describes, shows, reveals, highlights, determines, evokes, transforms, exposes, illuminates, exemplifies, reinforces, declares, discusses, contradicts, confirms, reiterates, concludes.

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