Online Learning – Journal

In South Australia, we are incredibly lucky that covid restrictions haven’t impacted our lives as much as neighboring states.

Across Australia, schools have been forced to work remotely like we will be for longer periods of time.

During this, one successful activity that many schools and students have been doing is keeping a journal. The beauty of this is that it can be done in any way that you want. You could take photos, upload a video (that doesn’t feature your face) write about what you have done and so much more. We are going to aim to make a post daily throughout this experience, explaining to your audience what you have done and how you are staying positive.

Your task is to write (or draw, or film) your first journal entry as part of our journey through online school. You will need to tell your audience where you are from.  what you have been up to and what school looks like for you now you are at home. Further instructions will be given by Mr Jackson in your lesson on Thursday.

Schools around the world

The challenge this week is to create a post or activity relating to our school. Given that many students across the world (including our buddy class in Victoria) are experiencing school slightly differently due to COVID, I thought it would be good to share information about how our school days run or what type of lessons we do.

You could even create a quiz to determine what lessons your blog visitors enjoy the most.

Feel free to use one of the ideas below or think of your own.

Environmental Issue Blog Challenge

This week’s activity is simple. You’re going to choose an environmental issue you’re interested in and write a blog post that educates or informs your readers.

Remember, you can choose to express this in any way you like. You could make a short movie, or even include a quiz.

Here is a list of topics or you can choose your own:

Week 5 of the STUBC is about Earth Day and the environment


Your Passions and Interests

Whenever we do the Student Blogging Challenge we have a free choice week where students are welcome to talk about topics that interest them.

This task involves writing a blog post about your own passions, interests, hobbies, recommendations, or curiosities. It’s basically a free choice post to write about anything you like! Your post might include text, images, videos, diagrams, a quiz, a slideshow, or any other sort of media.

💡 Here are some example posts from former Student Blogging Challenge participants:

  • Ally wrote about her passion for physics and philosophy of the universe.
  • Julia wrote about her cats and included a video.
  • Ryder explored the topic of what makes the perfect “surf-able” wave.
  • Evey argued why Minecraft and Fortnite should not be compared.
  • Ella offered some book suggestions for her readers.
  • Quinn reflected on his favorite hobbies: photography, basketball, and skiing.
  • Kate reflected on whether cats are smart.
  • Emily wrote about her favorite sport: field hockey.

Embed Content in Posts

Hi Girls,

I notice that quite a few of you are making quizzes, polls, videos, and other exciting content for your blog visitors to engage with.

Below are some instructions for you to follow to help you embed content into your blog post, rather than just post a link.

I would like you all to embed something of your choice into a blog post, either a quiz that you have already made or perhaps a slideshow of images that allows you to copy a code.



There is a wide range of online tools and apps that you can use to quickly create content that can be embedded into posts.

Many of these tools require an account to be created and some don’t allow the site to be used by a person under 13 years of age.  You need to check their Terms of service or privacy page to make sure you are allowed to use the site before creating an account



Once you’ve created your content using one of the above online tools you embed it into a post as follows:

1. Copy the embed code.

Usually when you create something online there is an option to copy the ’embed code’ or something similar.

Embed in blog icon

then copy the story embed code.

Copy Embed code


2.  Go to Posts > Add New

Add new post

3.  Place your cursor where you want the video to appear and then click on the Add Media button.

Add Media

4.  In the Add Media window click on the Insert Embed Code tab.

Click on Insert Embed code

5.  Paste the embed code into the Insert Embed code box and click Insert into post.

Paste Embed code

6.  When you have finished writing your post click Publish.

7.  You should see your video/quiz when you view the published post.

All Things Travel

This task involves writing a post about travel.

Here are some ideas for your post:

You could either choose to do one of the tasks from the dot point list below or pick a task from the Student Blog challenge poster further down.

  • Write about a holiday you went on that you really enjoyed. Include photos if you have permission.
  • Make a list of the top 10 travel destinations you’d like to go to. Tell us why you’d like to visit these places.
  • Create a slideshow or video of your ideal holiday destinations.
  • Create an imaginary itinerary if you could travel anywhere and had an unlimited budget

Be creative with how you share

Week 8 of the STUBC blogging challenge is Where In The World

Learn How to Add Widgets and Tables to your blog

Learn how to add a widget so you can see who is visiting your blog

You may want to add a flag counter

Step 6: Add Widgets

Here is a link to Steph’s blog where she has made a tutorial video on how to add widgets.

I have added a table with 2 cells and put one photo in each cell. If you cant see the button in the toolbar that allows you to add a table, go to plugins in your dashboard and search for tables and add an easy table.

Please create a new post on your blog explaining what you have changed/added with your widgets, as well as including two photos from Unsplash in a side-by-side table as has been done above.

Fintona Buddies

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Writing Challenge – Week 5

Your task is to produce a piece of creative writing using connectives, but you must follow a few rules.

You can write about anything you like – but please note:

Your writing MUST include:

  •  3 causal connectives and 3 temporal connectives – Use the list glued into your literacy book.
  • Please highlight your casual connectives in red and your temporal connectives in blue.
  • Be no more than 200 words.

Please start your writing with one of the following prompts:

1. I looked down in disbelief, I couldn’t believe my eyes…

2. The rain was pouring down…

3. It was a hard decision, but I didn’t have a choice.


Find an image from to base your writing on.

Please include this image as part of your blog post response titled ‘Writing Challenge – Week 5’