Our Very First Student Blog Challenge 2016

By now you willĀ have finished setting up your blog.

You are now ready to begin our very first Student Blog Challenge.

Have a quick look atĀ all of the activities below first, before you begin.

YouĀ must have at least 3Ā activitiesĀ completed by Term 3, Friday Week 9.

Follow the instructions carefully.

Once you have completed all of your activities,Ā you will be given instructions on how you can get your Student Badge and be so awesomeĀ just like Mrs B and Mrs D!


Welcome to the 1st Wilderness Student Blogging Challenge.

These activities have been taken and modified from the Edublogs 2015 Student Challenge. Thank you to all of the other bloggers who have allowed us to view your blogs and learn from you. Thank you to Edublogs for giving us so many great ideas to chose from.

We hope you enjoy the following activities.

There are 5Ā activities below to complete.

Once you have completed theseĀ tasks you will be given instructions on how to put a 2016 Student Blogging Challenge badge on your page!

About me post:

Activity 1:

Create your own ā€˜About Meā€™ page. Be careful about how much personal information you include. Read all of the instructions and look at the examples given before you begin.
Try to be creative, here are some examples to help you get startedā€¦

  • You could Write a poem,
  • Write an A-Z paragraph e.g. I am an athletic, yetĀ brainy childĀ whoĀ decidedĀ that saving theĀ environment is one of myĀ future goals.
  • Create a video like our mentorĀ DinahĀ has done

Using Images:

These activities are going to be funĀ but first there are some things you need to know so please readĀ carefully.

Some students new to blogging have been writing some great posts while others who have been blogging for a bit longer have started adding videos and images to their posts.

Yes, we are now going to deal with using images, music and sounds in your posts.

But canā€™t I use any image, music or sound that is on the internet?

No, you must use creative commons or in some cases the fair use rule.

But where can I find these images, music and sounds? Canā€™t I use anything when I google an image?

No, your blog is public so you must use creative commons images, sounds, music and videos.

Sue Waters overĀ at EdublogsĀ has written a fantastic post aboutĀ images, copyright and creative commons.Ā 
I would suggest you all read thisĀ post. She explains about creative commons and the licenses, attribution, how to find images for your blog and how to upload images to your blog.

This might be very wordy for some students, but Sue uses lots of images and how to do sections in her posts.

If you have used images in any previous posts you have written, then you are ethically obliged to give the correct attribution or take the image out of the post if it does not have the right creative commons license. Check out whereĀ HollyĀ found her image,Ā SamudraĀ also wrote a great post.

Activity 2:

Add an image to your blog from ‘Photos For Class’,

This is a great web site to begin with. Search for an image, download it and then insert it into your blog. Each image you download automaticallyĀ cites the author and the image license terms.
This is how you do it.

  1. Download your image by clicking n the download button.
  2. Click on the image to open it andĀ export it to the desktop – file- export
  3. Create a new post.
  4. Click on add media
  5. Click on upload files
  6. Drag your imageĀ from the desktop or select file
  7. Think about resizing your image by scrolling on the right hand sideĀ before you insert into post.

Write a post about whatĀ you have learned about the correct way to useĀ images on your blog and copyright andĀ include this post with your image from‘Photos For Class’,

Creating Ā avatars:

Whenever you make a comment on someone elseā€™s post, your avatar will appear next to your comment.

Here isĀ a link to a post one teacher uses with her online students when they create their user avatars. This includes some great websites for creating avatars.

Activity 3:Ā Ā 

Create your user avatar.

Save it to your own computer drive as a jpeg file format no larger than 200 x 200 pixels. You might need to crop and resize.

Many thanks to Edublogs as This post was found on the Edublogs student challenge site.

To read the very detailed instructions written by Edublogs,Ā click here. Thank you for the help Edublogs – http://help.edublogs.org/upload-avatar/

Please reply to the post on the Year 6 blog called Your Avatars. Then we can all see the wonderfulĀ avatars you have created. Ā You can also comment on each other’s avatars if you like šŸ™‚

Activity 4:Ā Ā 

Write a post describing your avatar.
How much does it look like you?
What sort of personality does your avatar have?
What makes it typically you?
Remember to include your avatar as an image in your post.

Adding Widgets:

Activity 5:

Add a widget to find out where your readers are coming from.

There are many different widgets you can use ā€“ Clustermaps, Ā Flag Counter,Ā  and Feedjit.

When you decide which widget you want to add to your blog you need to copy some code into a ‘text widget’.

How do I do that?

In your dashboard, hover overĀ ‘Appearance’ then click on ‘Widgets’.

Find a ‘text’ widget underĀ the ‘Available Widgets’ and drag it over into your sidebar. Paste the code into the content of your text widget and give it a title. Make sure you save it!

Here is one website with a few interesting widgets.

Can you find any other interesting widgets for your blog?
Maybe you could write a post and tell people about them and explain what they do and how to insert it into your blog.

(NOTE: Edublogs is a ā€˜Wordpress.org blogā€™. This may be important for you to know when you are adding widgets)
Have you seen any other location widgets?
Maybe you could write a post about why you chose the widget you have put on your blog.

Activity 6:

Check out this story using remix and fair use of video.Ā What was interesting, positive or negative about it? Ā Could you and your friends create a 20 second video using remix and fair use? Mrs Millerā€™s class left some comments on her blog about creative commons






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