How to create an avatar

Creating  avatars:

Whenever you make a comment on someone else’s post, your user avatar will appear next to your comment.

Here is a link to a post one teacher uses with her online students when they create their user avatars.
This includes some great websites for creating avatars.

Activity 1:  

Create your user avatar.


To read some  very detailed instructions written by Edublogsclick here. Thank you for the help Edublogs –

To read some very simple instructions written by Stella, read the steps below.

  1. Hover over my sites and then click your Blog e.g.; Stella
  2. Hover over your name and click dashboard
  3. You will see a bar on the left side of your screen and hover over Users –  Click on the your avatar button
  4. Click the choose file button – choose your Avatar which you created with one of the websites stated in this link:
  5. Click the upload button
  6. Leave a comment on the post called “your avatar”

Kind Regards,


Once you have created and uploaded your avatar, please reply to the post on the Year 6 blog called Your Avatars.
Then we can all see the wonderful avatars you have created.  You can also comment on each other’s avatars if you like 🙂

Activity 2:  

Write a post describing your avatar.
How much does it look like you?
What sort of personality does your avatar have?
What makes it typically you?
Remember to also include your avatar as an image in your post.


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